This is the Format you should use when applying for staff on our 7 Days to Die Server. If your going to apply before you start an application be aware that I require my staff to have at least 700 hours total played in 7 Days to Die. If you still wish to apply please use the format below.

Steam Name :
Your age :
Country you reside in :
Position you are applying for [mod or admin] :
Why you want to be staff on the server :
If accepted, Please explain how you would conduct yourself on the server :
Please list previous staff experience and list of duties :
Please list a little about yourself (Your experience with 7 days to Die, How you got into it, Any mods you've played for 7 Days to Die, And anything else you wish to add :
Your strengths and weaknesses :
Any skills you have pertaining to server running :
Have you joined our discord :
Any Extra Information you wish to tell us :